Ms. G went out 3 times

By , March 8, 2017 9:22 pm

Many of you may know I rarely leave my house, other than to go to work, pilates, riding, the cottage, or guitar. Oh yes, and my mom’s condo. I’m a bit of a home body.

Well, I went out three times this week. Do I look extra tired? Don’t answer that.

Last Saturday, at MY urging, Val and I went out to see a movie: Hidden Figures. Very good movie – worst seats in the house – front row. I kept asking Val, “is that Kevin Costner?”

Last Sunday, I hosted a brunch for Val’s birthday at The Hothouse. There was a lot of bacon. Lindsay and I had a lot of bread, good bread, mind you.

Last night, my sister-in-law Felicity took Val and I out for a mystery event. It turned out to be a taping of the CBC Radio show The Debaters. It was hilarious. We laughed for three hours. And I finally made it inside the Danforth Music Hall. But there was vegan bashing. Mean, yet funny, people.

Debaters Stage (CBC)

There you go. My outings for the year are done.

Now on with the marking.


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