Ancient History Everywhere

By , February 18, 2018 6:48 pm

History is not dead. Consider these recent articles about new discoveries.


Toronto Star via AP

A new mapping technique is being used to find large structures hidden in the jungle where archaeologists didn’t know they existed in Guatemala. Perhaps up to 10 million people lived there.


Discovery of a new 3400 years old tomb in Egypt from the 18th dynasty (my personal favourite dynasty).

National Geographic, AP photo by NARIMAN EL-MOFTY

Indigenous Canada

A new map of Turtle Island – pre-contact Canada – is being constructed. What did it look like, map-wise, from an Indigenous perspective, without modern political boundaries and things imposed by the colonizers? This is a very exciting project!


Maybe Paleo was better?

Moving to a settled, farming way of life, the people of Catalhoyuk gave up something – their health. This way of life was difficult but it was unlikely they’d go back to their hunter-gatherer way, ironically, because they had built up their possessions.

Reconstruction of the interior of a home at Catalhoyuk from

Feb. 16, 2018 PD Day @Humberside

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Welcome! Check out photos and tweets from the SWSH pd day at #swshpd18

Here’s some shameless self-promotion – I’m the editor of OHASSTA’s blog, Rapport. Please visit and consider contributing. Email me if you’re interested (

Here is my PPT: Becoming_an_Inquiry_Teacher_Feb_2018

Here is one I did about a year and a half ago that’s much more procedural, less reflective: Becoming an Inquiry Teacher



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