Oh no, vegan baking!

By , December 28, 2018 1:31 pm

I made my first vegan dessert: vegan trifle. It was no trifle to make, let’s just say. A lot of assembly was required. Though I did not eat it (because I don’t eat chocolate), I did construct a small chocolate-free one just for myself.


Step 1 – make vegan spongecake – very easy

Step 2 (not shown) – make coconut cream (refrigerate a can of full fat coconut milk and then pour off the liquid, leaving the solid cream that you can whip in a mixer just like whipping cream)

Step 3 (not shown) – make chocolate mousse (avocado, banana, dates, cocoa powder) in the vitamix – my first time using this insane appliance

Step 4 (not shown) – bake brownies (I bought pre-made batter from Sweets from the Earth)

Step 5 – make cherry sauce


The final product assembled in (sort of) layers, garnished with cocoa nibs and shaved vegan chocolate


Val also made a dessert: not vegan.

Val’s New York cheesecake made in the InstantPot


As usual my mom was a lovely host and the setting was perfect

Happy Holidays – Let’s Go To Egypt

By , December 18, 2018 9:57 pm

Here’s an ancient history treat: a new tomb discovered in Egypt. Check it out in this short video:



Or look at some of the beautiful images in this National Geographic slideshow:




The tomb is that of a high-ranking priest with government ties from the fifth dynasty (Old Kingdom). It looks incredibly well preserved and decorated. It amazes me that this civ keeps on going!



By , December 1, 2018 1:34 pm

A great night. If anyone wants their picture removed, leave a comment.

Thanks Stuco, especially exec.

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