By , October 30, 2016 4:16 pm

Most people know I am not a great fan of Halloween. Not really sure why – maybe because I don’t like answering the doorbell.

I thought Val was on the same wavelength as me, save for the little batman costume that he has for Fletch and the ceramic pumpkin that he puts on the front porch. Both of these things he brought to the marriage. I brought two sets of dishes.

However, in preparation for his first Halloween (which was Friday Oct. 28) at his new company, he went overboard. It was an extravaganza weeks in the making. Yes, I yelled at him a lot during the preparation, most of which was spent in our garage. Yes, when I finally saw it I said he was “f….ing crazy.”

When he commits, he commits. But I love him for it. For a full explanation of his process, visit Val’s blog, valdodge.com


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