Course Fair – History Courses at YM 2024-25

By , February 9, 2021 8:35 pm

If you are interested in taking history at York Mills, you have come to the right place. History is a very valuable subject. It’s not about memorizing factoids and dates. It’s about thinking, interpreting, discussing, inquiring. The skills you gain in senior history courses will help you with any education path you choose. You will always need to THINK!

Grade 10 history (CHC2D), Canada Since 1914, is a mandatory course. It explores events and themes in our country’s history since World World War One. This course is also offered for French Immersion students (CHC2D5).

In grade 11, you can choose between American History (CHA3U) or World History (CHW3M) to the 16th Century. Speak to Mr. Chang about American History.

You can search on this website (Ms. Gluskin’s blog) under the CHW3M tab to see what the course is like. And, read on.

Here are some materials for you to decide if grade 11 World History (ancient civilizations) is for you:

Grade 12 World History starts in 1450, where the grade 11 course finishes. However, grade 11 history is not a prerequisite for grade 12 history.

You can search this website (Ms. G’s blog) under the CHY4U tab to see what this interesting course is like.

Here’s what two of Ms. Gluskin’s former students have to say about taking World History at YM (by the way, one is about to become a lawyer and the other is a business consultant):

If you would like to ask questions to Ms. Gluskin about World History at YM, please feel free to email ( as she is on leave this year.

See you at Course Fair on Friday February 9, 2024 in room 145.

Don’t forget about all of YM’s senior (gr 11 + 12) courses in the Canadian and World Studies and Social Sciences and Humanities.

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