Just a little vegan note

By , December 31, 2019 8:43 am

The Guardian‘s vegan recipe columnist is not a vegan. I do find that odd. Or maybe she is now.

Here’s what Meera Sodha says in her Dec. 27 column on meal-planning for Veganuary.

When I first started my vegan column, I gave myself a month before I’d have to hand in my notice. As an omnivore (admittedly one that ate little meat but a lot of dairy and eggs), I just couldn’t imagine writing recipes week after week with such a strict set of rules, let alone enjoy eating plant-based food on a regular basis. But then, something wonderful happened.”

“I am doing Veganuary this year in the main because I want to show you how enjoyable it can be.”

I do like her recipes so I’m not trying to be critical. Just a bit surprised.


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