Human-made March Break

By , March 16, 2016 9:41 am

I usually take a few pictures of whatever looks pseudo-alive on our visit to the cottage at March Break. This year I went in the opposite direction, searching out macro snapshots of manufactured items. See if you can identify the following:

reflectors, fence measurements, road safety sign, fence label, pattern on telephone box, wire coil, fence hinge, community mailboxes.

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  1. Haider Ali says:

    Hey Ms. Gluskin, randomly thought of your class today and just wanted to reach out to ask how you’re doing!

    Hope york mills has been good to you, and btw your blog is awesome.

    Feel free to reach me at

  2. Brynna Caffrey says:

    Going through your blog and this really caught my eye. I’ve always enjoyed close up shots of various objects detailing the textures and minute differences. Personally I love photography and the way that one thing can be so vastly different even if it’s the same object. The way that you phrased it as being almost alive also made me think and see them in a different light which made hem all the more interesting. I’m quite looking forward to your class this semester as history is one of my favourite subjects specifically Tudor England, the early 1900s and Ancient Greece. Should be a good semester!

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