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By , November 8, 2015 4:54 pm

I really haven’t blogged for a long time. So here’s a quick list of things I have explored and liked.


JMW Turner: Painting Set Free

  • exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario

An interesting exhibit that explores Turner’s later, more creative and diverse years as a painter. Highlights beautiful scenes from Venice (a place I would like to go) and his incredible work with light that inspired the Impressionist painters (who I love).


J.M.W. Turner, Light and Colour (Goethe's Theory) - the Morning after the Deluge - Moses Writing the Book of Genesis, exhibited 1843



Camera Atomica

  • photography exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario

A very interesting view of how photography and the media have both recorded and shaped people’s view on nuclear power and nuclear war since the dawn of the atomic age. One photo in particular stood out for me; a 1950s image of a navy admiral and his wife cutting a cake in the shape of a mushroom cloud. Were they really so superficial and short sighted?

U.S. Military, Operation Priscilla, taken at the moment of the shockwave, 1957 / Camera Crew at Exact Moment of Shockwave Arrival, Nevada Test Site (detail), 1957


East Side Players – Wonder of the World

We went to see this hysterical play by David Lindsay Abaire at the historic Papermill Theatre at Todmorden Mills, just down the hill on Pottery Road. Best part: assistant stage manager Felicity Cormier – Val’s sister.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

How refreshing – a cabinet that looks like Canada, a ministry named ‘science’, government members with brains that are allowed to speak to the media! That are allowed to speak, period. Change is amazing.

Image result for justin trudeau cabinet swearing in



Skating Season

Patrick is back – yay. However, the guy makes me nervous because I never know when this quad-committing wonder will double a jump. I’ve seen him skate a few times in Stars on Ice. He’s no Kurt Browning yet. Kurt happens to be my all-time favourite skater! I was happy to hear he won Skate Canada. I do truly wish him luck. I’m excited about Canadian ice dancers as always. And so far I like David Pelletier as commentator on CBC.

After a year away from figure skating, Patrick Chan is still committed to reaching the top of his sport once again. Jamie Salé and David Pelletier perform their pairs free skate to win the Olympic silver medal at the XIX Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, Utah, Monday, Feb. 11, 2002.


Murdoch Mysteries

My favourite CBC show. My favourite show, period. I am very sad to see Dr. Grace leave. I guess it’s too much to have two women coroners in the early 1900s. While I’m very happy that Murdoch and Dr. Ogden are happily married, I hope her career won’t take a back seat.

Dr. Emily Grace



Pompeii: In the Shadow of the Volcano

  • exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum

A really thorough look at life in the early Roman Empire. I saw it once on teacher appreciation day at the ROM and I liked it so much that I took my grade 11 world history class. Unfortunately the guide talked too much and the kids didn’t get to see enough of the exhibit. Though she was very informative, she didn’t allow them to discover anything for themselves. One of my favourite items was the carbonized bread. Rome was all bread and circuses.

A wall painting of a wealthy man


Pan Am and ParaPan Games, Toronto, summer 2015

I was lucky enough to be a spectator at beach volleyball (men and women), indoor volleyball (men and women), show jumping, dressage, wheelchair basketball, and sitting volleyball (gold medal match). I had an amazing time almost all summer long. When I get my act together I will post some of my own photos. Val tells me he has purchased some Pan Am items from the auction. That worries me.


Nathan Phillips Square


Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi’s Jerusalem

I often peruse cookbooks, stopping to admire the photos and check out potentially vegan recipes. Rarely do I read a cookbook from cover to cover. In preparation for this year’s Thanksgiving lunch at our cottage, I read this entire book. I ended up making green bean, eggplant and rice dishes from it. I don’t know how everyone else felt but I loved the green bean salad with capers and intriguing spices and the rice with wild rice and chickpeas. The eggplant took way too much of my time for little reward. The cultural similarities between Israelis and Palestinians is fascinating.


A Chef’s Life

I’m not addicted to Netflix. I may be addicted to the PBS channel on our Roku. It allows me to watch A Chef’s Life, a PBS  show following the life and work of North Carolina chef Vivian Howard. So far in two seasons there has only been one dish I could actually eat. But I keep watching because Vivian Howard and her husband Ben Knight are very real. I looked into how long it would take to drive to Kinston, North Carolina from Washington, D.C., but it’s too long for a side trip on a potential March Break trip.


Fruit Chart

In my latest attempt to lose weight I have been trying to reduce my sugar intake. I found this chart quite interesting. We’ll see if it helps me.

Plant showing fibre and fructose of popular fruits



I found another PBS show (actually, another Masterpiece  show) to fill in the void when Downton Abbey is not available. All I will say is that scenery is beautiful. But I am awaiting the final season of Downton. Please let Anna and Mr. Bates find some happiness!


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