What I’ve Learned From Having My Own Cat for One Year

By , June 24, 2012 11:08 am

Shadow was “cat -napped” from the backyard on June 20, 2011.

One year later I reflect on what I’ve learned from her.


  1. Cats are weird, true to their reputation.
  2. Black cats are extra weird.
  3. Fletch and Shadow love each other, showing that Fletch might have been lonely.
  4. Cats can stress out, like when Shadow got so nervous she jumped through the screen door at the cottage.
  5. My cat is not a dog, even though I might treat her that way.
  6. She will follow me around when she wants to. Mostly she runs away from me when I approach her. This I find confusing.
  7. She makes me laugh when she does her little somersaults chasing after her feather toy.
  8. Cats are an excellent form of stress relief. Purring has an especially healing effect on the human.
  9. She doesn’t get enough play time.
  10. Breakfast better be served on time every morning! Note: cheerios are not good for cats.



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