Shadow the cat

By , September 3, 2011 7:25 pm

Here are some pictures of my new cat, Shadow. Forgive me, I am very biased and think she is extremely cute. You will also see her big brother, Fletch.

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  1. Mikaela Salvador says:

    I’m the type of person that can’t choose what article to write about, so I decided to just go in the search bar and think of the first word that comes to my mind, “cat”. I thought it’d be a long shot since this is a history class and what do you know, Ms. Gluskin has cats! I looked through the pictures and the cats are so cute (are they always not?) and it makes me just want to cuddle them until the end of day.
    The reason I chose this post is because, couldn’t it be more obvious, the cats. However, what made me think about is I remembered posts saying that people rarely get black cats since it associates with bad luck or that the breed is just too common to get one. The fact that you chose Shadow as your own warms my heart. I have two cats myself and one of them is a tuxedo so it is also a common breed. My family and I were supposed to plan to adopt an orange tabby, and as soon as we went to Pet Smart there were no cats left and only one remained, the tuxedo. An employee told us that people weren’t taking her since she’s common and she’s vocal, I felt sad for her since she’s the only one left in the store and I usually prefer vocal cats than quiet ones you know. They let her out in her cage for us to interact and I instantly fell in love with her.
    I just want to state the fact that, cheesy as it is, is to don’t judge a book by it’s cover. You never know, maybe a black cat is the one for you.

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