Ms. G Proposal Part 2

By , October 27, 2014 5:05 pm

Proposal Part 2 Process Begins

Mon. Oct. 27 – 5-6 pm

I’m starting to think about specialized vocabulary that I would need to include in my essay. For example, I have come across the following terms that the average person may not know:

  • ageism
  • pension
  • precarious work
  • long-term jobs

I’ve also come across some connections to terms that are from the textbook and that would definitely figure into the essay. This is only off the top of my head – I need to think about this more deeply:

  • systemic discrimination/barriers
  • participation rate
  • demography (baby boom, millennials/GenY/Z)
  • life expectancy

As for APS connections, the economy is an institution (sociology), income inequality (sociology) is the situation facing both older and younger workers. These are both social trends.

That’s all I have so far. My plan this week, since I have already finished my notes from two more articles (because I took extra notes last time), is to finish my key concept list and write out definitions (and cite them). I also need to identify a list of sources for future research so this will take considerable time.

As for the attempted hypothesis, I will do one when the class does one on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. After that I will be ready to highlight all my notes for sub-topics because I will have sub-topics (developing them will be part of the hypothesis process).

 Mon. Oct. 27 – 9-10 pm

When I came home I did some more searching for articles that linked retiring baby boomers and young workers together. I found three more for my future research list.

I also did some brainstorming on possible sub-topics because I find that at some point I need to organize what I have. The mistake I made in university is that I just researched and took notes forever. I never had a good way of organizing all my information into a cohesive plan or structure until the very last minute.

*sub-topics (most people would have between 3 and 5, but there is no set number):

1. older workers

2. young workers

3. changing structure of the economy

* when I write out my list of future sources I need to link each one to one or more sub-topics so that I make sure I get even coverage.


 Tues. Oct. 28 – 8:30-8:45 am

This morning I made a legend and highlighted all my articles with the colours that represent different sub-topics. Right away I got a visual clue that my third sub-topic is the weakest because I have the least amount of that colour (orange).

 Wed. Oct. 29

Tonight I wrote up all the definitions and citations for my key concepts. I have also come up with a hypothesis. So I am just about finished part 2 (need one or two more future sources) and will post it shortly.

Thurs. Oct. 30 – 8-8:30

Tonight I polished my proposal part 2 and added one more source to my future sources list. Here it is:









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