HSB4U CCA: Proposal (Parts 1 & 2)

By , March 26, 2014 8:00 am

Proposal Part 1 is due on Mon. Oct. 27.

 5_New_HSB4U_CCA Proposal

Blog_Proposal_Part1&2_March_2014 (my running commentary from last semester)

For Ms. G’s running comments on her Proposal, see attached post.

Proposal Part 1

Take notes in proper format from 3 sources.  If you don’t know where to look, think about your possible sub-topics and make sure you are covering them. Make sure they include some DATA (statistics) in your notes.

Hints for Equality/Inequality, Justice/Injustice, Exploitation, Deviance, Social Change paragraph:

  • “My topic relates to inequality because…”
  • “An example of this connection can be found in the fact that… (or in the piece of data that shows that…)”
  • For social change, break down the definition into its 3 parts.
  • Support the relevant part(s) of the definition with a fact or piece of data from your one of your articles.
  • Overall, show that the articles you have chosen are RELEVANT to at least two of these key themes.

Proposal Part 2 is due on Fri. Nov. 7.

Proposal Part 2

Once I give your part 1 back you will begin writing a hypothesis statement. For this you will need to know what your sub-topics are most likely going to be, even if you haven’t fully researched each one. Most people will have between three and five sub-topics, including background. Background is not a sub-topic that will need to be identified in your hypothesis statement.

Ms. G’s hypothesis: (main argument + sub-topics described)

Precarious work is increasing significantly in Ontario and having deep, long-term impacts on income inequality; those most affected are youths who have few job options other than unpaid internships, women in low income gender-based jobs, and new immigrants who take a decade or more to find stable jobs. [Note that the sub-topics are described, not listed.]

For your Proposal Part 2 make sure that Ms. G has seen your hypothesis before you submit it. Make sure that you cite sources for key concepts, and please make sure your reference list is formatted properly (alpha order by author’s last name, or title if there is no author).




Choose your key concepts carefully. You will use them in your future essay. Some should come from the textbook, such as systemic discrimination, while some will be more specific to your topic. For example, if your topic were restorative justice, you would need to define restorative justice.

Ms. G’s list of Future Sources: (listed alphabetically by author’s last name). Don’t forget to indent the second and subsequent lines [doesn’t work on a blog]. Please note which sub-topic(s) each article will relate to.

Fleury, D. & Fortin, M. (2013, July 22). Research briefs – Canada’s working poor. Policy Horizons

Canada. Retrieved from www.horizons.gc.ca/eng/content/research-briefs-


Relates to the sub-topics of women and new immigrants because they are both groups that fall into the working poor.

Houpt, S. (2014, March 27). Unpaid internships at magazines new target of Ontario labour ministry. Retrieved from


Relates to the sub-topic of youth since youth are the group stuck in internships.

Khosa, P. (2014, March). Working women, working poor. Retrieved from


Relates to the sub-topic of women.



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