HSB4U CCA: CRAAP Test (and Note-Taking)

By , March 16, 2014 8:00 am

CRAAP Test is due Tues. Oct. 21.




4_NEW-HSB4U_CCA_Sources_Data_sem1_15-16 (use to link to a selection of websites on various topics)

Tips to help you become a better researcher – Habits of Mind:

Persistence: remember, don’t give up when at first you don’t succeed in finding useful information. To a certain extent research is a trial and error process. However, you do have to be aware of the resources that are available to you: databases, sources of data (see link above) textbook for background, Statistics Canada website. Don’t Google. That’s like swimming in the ocean when you could be swimming in a smaller pool. However, you may wish to sign up for a Google Alert. It sends an email notification to you when there is a newspaper or magazine article published that is relevant to your identified topic. Just make sure you put the word Canada in your alert search term.

Striving for accuracy and precision: remember to cite your sources properly, at the top of each page of research, in full APA format. Know the difference between an embedded citation and a full citation. Don’t trust the databases or Quick Bib to give you correct APA citations. They often make major errors.

Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision: remember to use the proper note-taking format.

2_NEW note taking tips

  • Use headings and indentations to help you differentiate the information in your notes.
  • It is not visually helpful to have a page full of straight down bullet points.
  • You are more likely to read notes that are bulleted and indented.
  • Highlight your sub-topics in different colours. Include a legend (see below).

Statistics Canada Hints:

Information for Students and Teachers (left side menu bar) – then choose students

  • How To: choose … Find Data for Your Projects
  • Choose Secondary Data
  • Tutorials (videos) or Finding and Using Statistics
  • Investigating Social Justice Issues
  • Search by subject

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