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By , November 9, 2014 2:17 pm

Annotated Bib:

After Proposal Part 2, it is now time to take the next set of notes (3 more sources). You’ll probably use the sources you listed in future sources, though you don’t have to; you are ALLOWED to look for more relevant sources.

This will be your last opportunity for note-taking, so use it wisely. Really look for articles/reports/websites that fill holes in your data. In my case, I had less information on my third sub-topic (structural changes in the economy) so I knew I had to look for more information in this area.

Once you have taken notes, done relevant CRAAP tests and highlighted sub-topics in notes, it is time to write the actual annotated bib. For this, it is important to choose a source that allows you to answer the questions in depth. For instance, a short newspaper article or a brief Statistics Canada report wouldn’t be great because there’s not much info to go on. By contrast, a report or a more lengthy, scholarly type article gives you a lot more to work with. That’s why I chose a report that I found on a professional organization’s website.

When answering the questions, the key is to use an example from the source in EACH answer. That’s how you get full marks. And you should get 4++ on this.

Writing my Annotated Bib answers took me about an hour.




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