Ms. G Outline (Dec 2014)

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Before I began my outline I changed my hypothesis into a thesis using two of the required themes: social change and injustice.

I worked on my outline over three different periods of time, to show you that it can be done in the three periods you will have in the library. After each draft I highlighted areas that needed more work.



MsG_Outline_Dec_2014_draft3 (final)

MsG_Outline_Dec_2014_draft3_annotated (has comments on how to improve the outline, especially regarding “according to.”)




You will be considerably slowed down if:

  • your notes are incomplete
  • you don’t have your materials with you
  • you chat with friends or play on the internet/phone



If you find that you are missing data, and this means you have to do more research, MAKE SURE you take notes. Do not just copy and paste into your outline. This could be a temptation that could be devastating to your mark.



Here you finally get to use the 12 pieces of data. Make sure that you always say “According to” and give a date for the info. Yes, you will have this information in your embedded citation but it is useful to address it in the writing as well because it makes you sound more well-informed. You’ll have to do it in the essay so why not do it now.



It is very easy to work ONLY on the evidence part of the outline because you already have this information in your notes.

Make sure you devote enough time to the arguments as well. This takes more discipline. But remember – you already did a sample of this in your Proposal Part 1 paragraph. You know how to explain how your evidence relates to your theme.

Be careful not to summarize the data you already just mentioned in the evidence. The argument is where you explain HOW the data show your thesis to be true, especially the thematic parts such as justice/injustice, equality/inequality, social change, exploitation, deviance. 



I highly suggest you take the time to make a reference list now and submit it with your outline. That way I’ll get a chance to check it over BEFORE the essay is due and it counts for marks.


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