HSB 4U CCA Outline

By , May 2, 2014 8:00 am

Stage 4 – Preparing for the Outline

  • Revise hypothesis into thesis (see Outline sheet in CCA package). Choose at least two of inequality/injustice/social change/exploitation/deviance. Having only one puts too much pressure on you because every single piece of data has to relate to that one theme. In the sample outline below you will notice that Ms. G has revised her hypothesis to include social change and income inequality (last year’s topic). This year’s topic relates to social change and injustice.
  • Make sure all your research is complete. You won’t have anymore research time. If you do need to find more data, make sure you take notes and cite the source properly. Be careful about cutting and pasting from the internet – it could get you a ZERO for plagiarism.
  • You need a total of 12 pieces of data in your outline/essay. STATISTICS ARE WHAT MATTERS.
  • Make sure you have solidly divided your data and information into sub-topics.
  • One of your sub-topics should include background.
  • Background info is the most basic info that relates to your topic. For example, if your topic is recent immigrants, a piece of background data would be how many immigrants there are in Canada today. If your topic relates to economic inequality you should have some statistics on income inequality. Check Statistics Canada if you have not yet done so.

Library dates for Outline:

Wed. Dec. 10, Thurs. Dec. 11, Fri. Dec 12

  • You will be typing your outline (using electronic template). It is not research time.
  • You will need to have all your CCA notes and materials with you.


Outline due: Mon. Dec. 15



Ms. G’s Sample Outlines (from last year) so you can see the thoughts that came to mind. An outline is kind of like a jig-saw puzzle; you have to figure out where the pieces go. Ms. G worked on this four times.






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