Chapter 9 (Prejudice and Discrimination)

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1. CCA Essay due on Wed. Jan. 14. Thank you everyone for being on time. 

Note: there will be 5 questions dedicated to chapter 9 at the end of the whole-course multiple choice section of the exam. They will come from the sections of chapter 9 we studied.



Mon. Jan. 12:

  • Review the difference between individual acts of discrimination and systemic discrimination
  • Notes on Standardized IQ Tests and how they are examples of systemic discrimination (292-293)
  • Notes on perception (pages 290-291)


Intelligent Intelligence Testing (article from American Psychological Association Monitor, 2003)

IQ Tests are ‘meaningless and too simplistic’ claim researchers (Daily Mail, Dec. 2012)

Perception: Optical Illusions (

Optical Illusions (Exploratorium)


Tues. Jan. 13:

  • Board notes on Race and the Psychology of Self-Esteem, from pages 295-96.
  • Take notes on the Early Theories of Prejudice of Gordon Allport and Theodor Adorno. 297-300.
  • 4 questions about race and identity:
  • Has anyone ever made an incorrect assumption about you based on preconceived ideas.
  • if so, what effect did it have on you?
  • How do you identify yourself (e.g., if you were asked to do so for the Canadian census)?
  • What does your identity mean to you? How important is it to you?

Book Review of Black Like Me, 50 Years After (The Guardian)

Segregation Ruled Unequal, and Therefore Unconstitutional

(American Psychological Association Research)

Allport: The Nature of Prejudice (Google Books)

 Essay due tomorrow.


Wed. Jan. 14:

Essay due today! No extensions.

  • Notes on Frances Aboud’s more recent theory, page 300-302.
  • Teaching activity in role

Thurs. Jan. 15:


Fri. Jan. 16:

Robber’s Cave and Aronson’s jigsaw learning. Chart in handouts.

Mon. Jan. 19:


Come to class tomorrow to get the article for the exam.


Tues. Jan. 20:

Exam article to be given out.




OLD – not done this time around

Understanding Prejudice (incredible resource: articles, activities, surveys)

Aboud: Children’s Perceptions Related to Race (how she conducted her research)


Not done Jan. 2015:

  • Notes on Peggy McIntosh’s theory of Invisible Knapsack of White Privilege (text page 302-303).

Peggy McIntosh (Wellesley Centers for Women – see Complicating White Privilege under News and Opinion)

Robbers Cave Experiment (Classics in the History of Psychology,  York University)

Jigsaw Classroom – History by Aronson



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