Chapter 6 (Fertility and Fecundity)

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1. CCA Outline was due on Mon. Dec. 15. Thank you everyone.

2. Scattergraph is due Thurs. Jan. 8.

3. Chapter 6 quiz  on Thurs. Jan. 8.

4. CCA Peer Evaluation of Draft on Fri. Jan. 9.




(slides for the whole chapter)

Tues. Dec. 16:

Chapter 5 quiz (postponed from earlier)

Fill in worksheet called Quick Version of Day 1 and do homework at bottom of it – read Pages 179 to 180 and answer page 180 #1 and 2  and page 181 #1 and 2.

mini baby boom in Canada right now (National Post, July 2014)


Wed. Dec. 17:

Work on creating your scattergraph for checking in class on Thursday. Do not make any lines of best fit yet.


Thurs. Dec. 18:

finish chart, using pages 184-187, on government policies affecting fertility.


Fri. Dec. 19: short day

Mon. Jan. 5: (Happy New Year!)

Read 181 to 184 and fill in the following chart. Make sure you understand the chart.


Skip this semester

HW: read and take notes on rest of section on voluntary childlessness, 197-199.

in-class Involuntary childlessness: Fill in Reproductive Technologies Chart using pages 192, 193, 196. Baby M case study.

Wombs for Rent (WebMD via Marie Claire magazine)

Tues. Jan. 6:  

HSB4U Critical Thinking Using Evidence and Argument

Activity: “Wombs for Rent” article in handout package – identify evidence and arguments for justifiable and non-justifiable.

Wed. Jan. 7:

Activity: “Wombs for Rent” article in handout package – identify evidence and arguments for justifiable and non-justifiable.

Scattergraph due tomorrow.

Bring  CCA draft to class for last minute instructions.


Thurs. Jan. 8:

Quiz on chapter 6.

Work on CCA draft. Peer Evaluation of draft tomorrow.




Worksheets (not in handouts)



Statistics Canada: Fertility Overview, 2009-2011

Statistics Canada: Births Analysis, 2008

Statistics Canada Fertility Rates

UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs: World Population Prospects, 2012 Revision (wallchart)

CIA World Factbook: Crude Birth Rates, 2011

Statistics Canada: Births, 1921-2007

Statistics Canada: Births and Total Fertility Rates, 1987-2007

Statistics Canada: Age Structure of Fertility Rates, 1997 and 2007

Fertility Rate Changes in Developed Countries (Population Reference Bureau)

Statistics Canada: Percentage of Women with University Degree

Statistics Canada: Women in Canada, a Gender-based Statistical Report

Canada’s Mini Baby Boom (Today’s Parent, very recent)

Assisted Human Reproduction

AHR Canada (federal agency)

AHR Live Births – Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society

AHR Procedures – diagrams

Ottawa Fertility Centre Fees – 2011

CBC Digital Archives: Reproduction Still Unregulated (2000)

Infertile Canadian women buy frozen human eggs from US (CBC, 2012)

CTV News: Canadian Law Drives Infertile Couples to India (2010)

Illegal to pay surrogates in Canada (Globe and Mail, 2015)

Wombs for Rent Follow UP (article)

CBC article on AHR 2009

Slate article on financial incentives to have children

Low Fertility Rates in OECD Countries: Facts and Policy Responses (2003)

Japan’s Demographic Future (Population Reference Bureau)

An Aging Japanese Town Bets on Young Mayor for Its Survival (NY Times)

Baby M Case Study (Justice Harvard): For Sale: Motherhood (search under the term surrogacy)

Baby Gammy Case (AustraliaBC News, 2015)

Japanese Man Fathers 15 Through Surrogacy (AustraliaBC News, 2014)

Fighting Infertility: CBC Digital Archives (a series of audio and video links from 1960-2003 – sends you to main page – search for infertility)

See also Canadian Demographics at a Glance from chapter 5 post

Toronto Star articles on voluntary childlessness:

Notes from articles related to fertility:

Economist article notes Falling fertility

Economist article notes The worldwide war on baby girls

Walrus article notes on human egg trade

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