GenY Demography Assignment

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GenY Demography Assignment and Rubric:

Ms_G_Sample_Script_Dec_2014 (I am GenX)

Ms_G_Sample_Script_Dec_2014_Annotated (with comments)

Presentations on Thursday Dec. 4. All scripts due on that day. PPT slides due the day before.

Don’t forget:

  • identify a characteristic of your generation shown in this piece of popular culture (focus on one, don’t list many)
  • use a statistic in analyzing the social impact of your generation having this characteristic
  • refer to demography and its ability to help us understand the social impact of your generation (will demography help us understand the impact of your gen? How can it be used by companies, organizations, governments, charities?, schools, etc.?)
  • use some key concepts related to GenY (obviously demography, but also things like materialism, consumerism, sidetracking, norms, etc.)
  • when analyzing the impact on society, think of society in these categories:
  • P = political
  • E = economic
  • R = religious
  • S = social
  • I = intellectual (the world of ideas and thinking)
  • A = artistic
  • T = technological

Articles for areas of focus: (these are about impact – you have to connect them to your characteristic and media piece)

Report on millenials (Abacus research – a very thorough examination of who you are as a generation and impacts you may have)




Interesting article from Dr. Karyn Gordon on communicating Gen Y style (Canadian Business Education Partnership)






Think Gen Y Will Prop Up Canada’s Housing Market? Think Again (Globe and Mail)

Housework_gender_ gap_narrows


Some Millenials are kicking butt when it comes to saving (really) (Financial Post)






See how universities will be affected by demographic shifts: Universities to become ghost towns (Macleans)

Impact of baby boomers on higher education (faculty retirements)

The baby boomer’s lingering echo. (Academic Matters).

National Post article on survey comparing attitudes of Gen Y and employers about living in Toronto: Gen Y sees city as…

Marketing to Gen Y (Canada Newswire)

Learning to Speak GenY (Benefits Canada – workplace benefits)

Living with Parents (Macleans onCampus)

GenY Seeks Responsible Employer Who Listens (Globe and Mail)

Facebook Bootcamp for New Employees (Toronto Star)

Post_secondary_enrolment_trends  (Statistics Canada)

Next_baby_boom (Financial Post)

Luxury_market (Toronto Star)

Gen_Y_on_the_move (Toronto Star)

Facebook_Schulich (Toronto Star)

Teaching Generation Y the Basics of a Strong  Relationship (New York Times – I know it’s American but I thought it was relevant)

Generation Z Articles

Move Over, Millenials, Here’s Generation Z (NY Times)

What Is Generation Z, And What Does It Want? (Fast Co.)

For Generation Z, Email Has Become a Rite of Passage (Wall Street Journal)

How Generation Z is changing the tech world (CBS News)

Generation Z: 10 Stats From SXSW You Need To Know (Forbes)

Gen Z goes beyond gender binaries in new Innovation Group data (J. Walter Thompson Intelligence)

The Sad Reason Gen Z Is Being Named After Katniss Everdeen (Teen Vogue)

Gen Z and iGen: New Research and Findings on the Generation After Millennials (The Center for Generational Kinetics)

15 Mind-Blowing Stats About Generation Z (CMO)

Through the Eyes of Generation Z (The Globe and Mail)

Additional Resources:

Here is a video clip from 1996 showing how an economist (David Foot) uses demographics to predict and comment on economic and social changes. Pay attention to the “snake that swallowed a rabbit” analogy. This is how a demographer speaks and analyzes data. Generation X: Lives on Hold (CBC Digital Archives)

Here is a website where a company uses demographic information to create profiles of different groups. You can look up your neighbourhood’s profile by entering your postal code – or the school’s. Click on Lifestyle Lookup on the right side of the page. Environics Analytics

See a list of events that have shaped the baby boomer generation (American): Boomer Century Timeline

Here’s a documentary on your generation called “Hyper Parents and Coddled Kids”: CBC Doc Zone


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