Chapter 5 (Baby boom and echo boom)

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CCA Annotated Bibliography due on Tues. Nov. 25.

GenY Demography Assignment  presentations on Thurs. Dec. 4. All students must hand in a script on that day. Make sure you have sent your media piece to Ms. G before then (Wednesday evening) or you will not be presenting.  See GenY Demography Assignment post.

Chapter 5 quiz on Tues. Dec. 9.


Tues. Nov. 25:

Chapter 10 quiz

CCA Outline preparation – turning your hypothesis into a thesis. See CCA post on blog.

Annotated Bib due today.


Wed. Nov. 26: Demographics and Population Pyramids

Fill in the birth years of each demographic group on the “Reproducible Worksheet 5-1” in your handouts using pages 145-147.


Other resources:


Infographic: how Canada breaks down on age and gender lines (Globe and Mail, 2012)

Infographic: the generational breakdown of Canada’s workforce (Calgary Herald, Nov. 2014)


Thurs. Nov. 27: Causes of the Baby Boom

In class, find information about the 5 causes of the baby boom: Causes_Baby_Boom_Activity

Complete “Handout 3” using the data on “Handout 2.” (we have not done this yet)

Read page 150 and do questions 2 and 4 on page 151.



Fri. Nov. 28: Baby Boomers as Children and Teenagers

Read pages 151-155 and do questions 1a,b,c  and 3  on page 155.

Boomer Revolution trailer (PBS)

see also PPT from Monday’s lesson for the section on teenagers  and political activism.


Mon. Dec. 1: Baby Boomers and the Sexual Revolution


Read pages 156-159 (skip 158) and do questions 2, 3, and 4 on page 160.

Email group conclusions to Ms. G if not presented in class.


Moments in the History of Birth Control short timeline


Sexual Revolution Matching Exercise


Tues. Dec. 2:

Complete Echo Boom Worksheet.


Wed. Dec. 3:

Work on presentations. Make sure to send your PPT slide to Ms. Gluskin by this evening.


Thurs. Dec. 4:



Mon. Dec. 8:

Dependency Load. In-class coverage of 170-172.


Review for quiz. Chapter_5_Review_Questions

Bring all CCA materials to class tomorrow. We will be going over the requirements for the CCA Outline.


Tues. Dec. 9:

Chapter 5 Quiz today (postponed until after CCA Outline).

May need to finish dependency load.


Wed. Dec. 10, Thurs. Dec. 11, Fri. Dec. 12:

In library for writing of CCA Outline. See blog post.

CCA Outline due on Mon. Dec. 15.



Here are some great links to population pyramids and other data relevant to chapter 5, all from Statistics Canada. You should play around on the site as it can be of great use for your CCA research.

Generations in Canada

Population growth in Canada: from 1851 to 2061

How a population pyramid works

Animated population pyramid

Cohorts in the population pyramid

Dependent population

Seniors stats in G8 countries

Population growth since 1956

2006 Census highlights

2011 Census highlights

Canadian Demographics at a Glance, 2008

Canadian Demographic Highlights, 2011

Census snapshot of Canada: population (age and sex)

Migration: International, 2010 and 2011 (see age pyramid of immigrants compared to Canadian-born)

Dependency Load

Delayed Retirement

Pension Plans in Canada as of Jan. 1, 2013

RRSP Contributions, 2012

Other Resources:

Suburbs (CBC Digital Archives)

Toronto in the Saturday Evening Post, 1952 (Torontoist)

My generation created the sexual revolution – and it has been wrecking the lives of women every since (Daily Mail – UK) – interesting perspective


See GenY Demography Assignment post.

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