Chapter 4 GM Foods Links

By , October 16, 2012 8:00 am

For your interest and to add to GM Foods Both Sides…

Showing Both Sides of the Issue

Health Canada: Labelling of GM Foods

National Geographic, GMO Labelling battle heating up (2014)

National Geographic – The Plate – I’m pro GMO, here’s why (2014)

National Geographic News: Engineered Rice Cut Pesticides, Illnesses, Study Says (2005)

Genetic Engineering in California Agriculture (YouTube, 29:49) – University of California Television, overview of practical uses of gm food technology

How Genetic Engineering of Seeds Can Solve World Hunger (YouTube, 8:58) – UCLA Newsroom, Professor Robert Goldberg discusses the pros of gm food from the perspective of a biologist working in this field


Monsanto Canada

Greenpeace (YouTube, 3:51) – video on gm foods (2009)

David Vs. Monsanto (YouTube, 5:19) – Percy Schmeiser, the Canadian accused by Monsanto of using their patent for canola, speaks about his experience with Monsanto

Open Source Food and Genetic Engineering – Michael Pollan (YouTube, 5:00) – author and journalist Michael Pollan speaks about some of the pros and cons of gm food


CBC The Current – Superweeds (herbicide resistant weeds)

Superweeds (NBC, 2014)

CBC Genetically-modified salmon approval faces lawsuit

Genetically modified organisms (Nature Education scholarly article, 2008)

Cancer row over GM foods… (Daily Mail article about study that shows cancer as effect of long term diet of GM corn on rats – study is questioned).

Monsanto seeds patent: US Supreme Court hears case of farmer buying second generation seeds (Toronto  Star)

Understanding GMO (David Suzuki Foundation)

Engineering Crops in a Needy World (American RadioWorks)

2000+ Reasons  Why GMOs are Safe to Eat and Environmentally Sustainable (Forbes)

Should we grow GM crops? (PBS Frontline)

GM crops: Are they safe to grow and eat? (The Guardian)

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