Environmental Behaviour Modification Assignment

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Baseline observation = 2 days (consecutively, meaning in a row)

Experiment = 5 days (try to do them consecutively)

Please let Ms. G know which behaviour you will be attempting to modify by Friday Oct. 3.

  • Baseline observation dates: Mon. Oct. 6 and Tues. Oct. 7
  • Baseline journal due for checking: Thurs. Oct. 9
  • Experimental dates: between Oct. 9 and Oct. 17
  • Experimental journal due for checking: Mon. Oct. 20
  • Due date of final assignment, including journal: Wed. Oct. 22

Time is tight! Budget your time appropriately.


My previous classes really wanted me to tell you that it is important to choose your target behaviour very carefully. Don’t choose a behaviour that will be too easy to change. Don’t choose a behaviour that isn’t meaningful in your life. Also, don’t choose simplistic target behaviours such as recycling more or driving less.

Make sure that when you start the 5 days of experimentation, you are focusing on writing comments about the negative and positive reinforcement. Previously many students focused on the what (the behaviour that changed or didn’t) without paying attention to the how (through positive/negative reinforcement).

Don’t forget to answer questions A to E BEFORE you begin the five days of the experiment. If you have any questions about your answers, email Ms. Gluskin. Remember to keep your journal with you at all times so your observations are scientifically accurate.

Some of you may need to ADJUST your reinforcements:

 Reinforcement  must directly follow any behaviour.

  • not hours later

Written Answers

  • you may write in first person
  • answer questions directly but thoroughly
  • try to use key concepts where possible (always define and cite them)
  • honesty is desired – if you failed to change your behaviour, that’s ok. It’s the analysis of the process that is for marks.
  • use quotes from your journal to support the points you are making in your analysis
  • proofread carefully so your work looks respectable



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