Chapter 3 (Forces Influencing Social Change)

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Forces that Influence Social Change

***Note: this chapter will include a few concepts from chapter 9 – they count as part of chapter 3. Unit 1 Test (on chapter 1, 1A, 2 and 3) will be on Wed. Oct. 15. Chapter 3 quiz will be on Thurs. Oct. 16.

HSB4U_Chapter_3_Oct_2014(PPT from class)

Unit 1 Test Tips:





Tues. Mar. 8: fill in the first page and first row of the second page of Reproducible Worksheet 3-4 using pages 70-74.


Wed. Mar. 9:  Social Change assignment due tomorrow. See tips under chapter 2 post.

Thurs. Mar. 10:  If not completed in class, make sure “Organizer on Alienation and Conformity” is filled in. Fill in the rest of Reproducible Worksheet 3-4 using pages 77-81.

  1. Read “Hear our prayer” article from handouts.
  2. Fill in top of “Organizer on Gangs, Alienation and Conformity” – what makes the communities in “hear our prayer” vulnerable?
  3. Fill in the rest of the organizer to see if the issues and/or solutions have changed since 2005, especially with regard to the Danzig Street shootings. See articles below.
  4. Please think about some environmental behaviours that you could improve (e.g., taking shorter showers). See assignment post for dates.

Danzig Shootings Articles

National Post Comment

Globe and Mail Article (please note the related articles at the bottom)

Toronto Star Article

The Storefront (Toronto Star, Oct. 11, 2012)

 Other Gang Articles (older – do not use)


Brookview Africentric pilot

Crime stats and perception



Fri. Mar. 11: a) Answer at least two of questions 1-5 on Reproducible Worksheet – Attitudes Toward Poverty and Affluence (in handouts). If you were absent, please make sure to fill in the first page of Intro to Economic Inequality worksheet.

Mon. Mar. 21:Answer at least two of the rest of the questions (6-9) on the Reproducible Worksheet – Attitudes Toward Poverty and Affluence.

Income inequality is a topic that is written about a lot in newspapers. This is the type of article. Here is another similar article. You’ll notice that both articles take a position on an issue. On the unit test I will ask you to agree or disagree with a position and support your view using some key concepts and some data.

Tues. Mar. 22: a) Read and take notes on employment equity: page 91 to middle of 94. b) Read Case Study E in handouts and answer the two questions on the bottom of the page. Complete questions A-E for environmental behaviour modification journal.

Values+Social_Change_Systemic_Discrim (PPT)

Wed. Mar.23:  Read “Justice for Some” article in handouts and make a list of institutions mentioned in the article that systemically discriminate.

Aboriginal Education in Canada

500 Years in Two Minutes (8th Fire – Wab Kinew)

Wab Kinew on Strombo

Thurs. Mar. 24:  Read and take notes on page 94. Environmental Beh Modif: when finished baseline observations, answer questions A to E. Then  you can start experimental journal.

Env (Ms Gluskin’s PPT)

Wonders of the Earth (video)

Climate Change (video)

Global Warming (WWF Brazil video)

Clean Coal

Seven Sins of Greenwashing

Tues. Mar. 29prep for unit 1 test (includes chapters 1, 1A, 2, 3). See Unit 1 Test Tips at the top of the page.

Wed. Mar. 30: unit 1 test (bring article)

Thurs. Mar. 31: Literacy Test Day

Fri. Apr. 1:ch 3 quiz

Mon. Apr. 4: CCA

Tues. Apr. 5: CCA

HSB Unit 1 Test Topics


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