Chapter 2 (Intro to Social Change)

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Please see additional post on Social Change Assignment (due Thur. Oct. 6 – article check Mon. Sep. 26 – Thurs. Sep. 29)


Chapter 2 Quiz: Tues., Oct. 4

HSB4U_Chapter_2_2014-5 (use this PPT to look ahead to some key concepts to think about for your social change article)


Thurs. Sep. 22

Chapter 1a quiz

a) Read pages 36-40. b) Take notes on pages 41-42 (heading: Anthropological Questions About Social Change). c) Ask an older friend or relative what the most important change during their lifetime has been.

How would Anthropologists interpret these social change examples?

Fri. Sep. 23:

a)  Take notes on 43-45  Psychological Questions About Social Change.

b) Read and take notes on Sociological Questions About Social Change on pages 45-47.

c) Begin searching for an article for the Social Change assignment (see separate blog post for tips). Ms G needs to check your article by Thursday at the latest.

How would Sociologists interpret these social change examples?

How would Psychologists interpret these social change examples?

Mon. Sep. 26:

a) Read and take notes on pages 50 and 52.       b) Give one example of a longitudinal study from page 51.

Tues. Sep. 27:

CBC Digital Archives: Lost Heritage – Canada’s Residential Schools

a) Read article in handout package entitled “Indian Residential Schools.” Match up the numbered quotes with the key concepts listed on the first page of the article. b) Take notes from 53-55  on Psychological Theories of Social Change. c) Finish notes on San case study on pages 48-49 if not completed in class. d) find a social change assignment article.

Wed. Sep. 28:

a) Take notes on pages 58-59 (continuation of psychological theories of social change). b) Bring your Social Change assignment article for checking by tomorrow.

Thurs. Sep. 29

a) Complete the Sociological Theories of Social Change handout using pages 59-64 in the textbook.

Fri. Sep. 30

a) Complete any previous homework in preparation for the multiple choice quiz on Wednesday. See Homework Review PPT (at top of page)

b) Work on Social Change Assignment. Due Thurs. Oct. 2

c) 8th Fire – questions and how they relate to chapter 2. Will be on quiz.

CBC: 8th Fire: Aboriginal People, Canada and the Way Forward

Mon. Oct. 3

a) 8th Fire – questions and how they relate to chapter 2. Will be on quiz.

Quiz Tues. Oct. 4.

General Resources:

Wade Davis – ethnographic research (Ted Talks video)

Wade Davis – National Geographic profile

Cog_Diss_Article_Incompetence (article on cognitive dissonance)

Cognitive Dissonance (with video of Festinger Carlsmith experiment)

Australia, Stolen Generation Testimonies

Behaviour Modification

Web MD (Behavioural Techniques for Children with ADHD)

National Post(article on behavioural modification in prison)

Canadian Living (misbehaving kids)

The Atlantic: The Perfected Self (Skinner and weight loss using apps)

LD Online: Behaviour Modification in the Classroom

Rick Mercer: Behaviour Modification (YouTube)

 Cases in Social Change

The Quebec Charter of Values

Evolution vs Creationism in Society and Schools

Millenials in Society

Generation Z

More on Generation Z

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