Chapter 1A (Social Deviance)

By , September 10, 2014 9:07 am

For this short chapter we will mostly be using the blue textbook (Challenge and Change) in class. If you need to borrow one overnight please  let me know and you can sign one out.

Chapter 1a quiz is on Thur. Sep. 22

HSB4U_Chapter 1A_deviance_use (chapter PPT)

Chapter Homework:

Thur. Sep. 15:

  • Chapter 1 quiz
  • answer the first two questions on hate crimes on the fifth page of the chapter 1A handout package.
  • work on Observation Assignment (tips for it are on the chapter 1 page)


Fri. Sep. 16:

  • what typology of deviance will you be in the future?
  • finish Observation Assignment – it is due tomorrow, including checklists or transcriptions of interviews


Mon. Sep. 19

  • purpose of prison: rehabilitation or deterrence


Tue. Sep. 20:

  •  finish deterrence questions on worksheet


Wed. Sep. 24:  study for chapter quiz



Stats Can – Police Reported Hate Crime in Canada, 2013

Hate Crime Charges in Calgary Taxi Abuse Case

Merton’s Typology of Deviance

Diagrams on the Typology of Deviance

Prison: Rehabilitate or Punish?

Freakonomics: Abortions and Crime

New Spanish Approach to Rehabilitating Youth Prisoners

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