Chapter 10 (Globalization)

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Chapter 10 is part of unit 1A


CCA Proposal Part 2  due on Fri. Nov. 7.

Unit 1A Test on Fri. Nov. 21.

Chapter 10 Quiz on Mon. Nov. 24.

CCA Annotated Bibliography due on Tues. Nov. 25.


Lessons and Homework:

“Richest 86 people in Canada have as much wealth as the poorest 11.4 million.”


Thurs. Nov. 6: Intro to globalization


Globalization “Practice” Sheet – definitions and good/bad exercise.

View first part of “Shipbreakers.”

CCA Proposal Part 2 is due tomorrow.

Globalization Images

Article about a cargo ship (NY Times, Oct. 2014)



Fri. Nov. 7: Anthropology and globalization

Continue “Shipbreakers.”

Complete “Unit 3 Detour – Chapter 10”  worksheet, top chart and bottom chart, using pages 326 to the top of 329. Skip the middle chart.

Major Players in Globalization (Ms. G)

Globalization_Anthro (slides, Ms. G)


HW: fill in the shipbreaking side of Case Studies Comparison page in handouts.


Mon. Nov. 10:  Globalization and anthropology, continued. Intro to sociology, inequality and globalization. 

Notes on cultural and economic costs of globalization, including case study, 329-332.




Income Inequality (Conference Board) – see World Income Inequality

Income_Inequality_Conference_Board – relates to negative consequences of financialization

Negatives and Positives of Globalization: Negatives and Positives of Globalization

HSB4M World Income Inequality

Income Distrubution

Gini Coefficient [measures inequality] (The Atlantic Magazine)

How globalization has left the 1% even further ahead (Globe and Mail, Jan. 2014)


Tues. Nov. 11:


Theory section: Take notes on the 5 theories of globalization, pages 332-333. Use blue book (pages 284-290) to develop a deeper understanding of how the theories (plus the NIDL theory) can apply to the shipbreaking industry.

Self-Check Form: Do you understand how case studies connect to the theories of globalization. HSB4U_Chapter10_Globalization_Theories_Check_Your_Connections


Wed. Nov. 12: 

Case study on trade in human body parts (hbp), 340-341 (pros and cons).


Inside the Business of Selling Human Body Parts (Wired Magazine, Jan. 30, 2011).

HSB4U_Globalization_Sociology_Trade_HBP (Miss Kibedi, Wed)


Thurs. Nov. 13:

View “The Market.”



Monday Nov. 17:

Continue “The Market”

Globalization case studies comparison (shipbreaking, trade in hbp).



Tuesday Nov. 18: 

Impact of globalization on Canada: blue book pages 296-97 (GM Canada case study) and 320-321 (food and agriculture policy in Canada).

Made in Canada: How globalization has hit the Canadian apparel industry (Toronto Star, May 2013)

Canadian automanufacturing: running again, but how much fuel is left in the tank? (TD Economics report)

do your own search: Heinz in Leamington, ON, Kellogg in London, ON, Navistar in Chatham, ON, Caterpillar in London, ON, Ford in Oakville, ON.



Wed. Nov. 19:

Review globalization as needed.


Thurs. Nov. 20:

Article distribution for test.


Fri. Nov. 21:

Unit 1A Test.


Mon. Nov. 24:

Chapter 10 Quiz.

CCA Annotated Bib. due tomorrow.

HSP Unit 1A Review Topics


Here are some interesting globalization links:

Globalization Profile from Social Theory Rewired

World Bank (globalization slideshow with voiceover)

Bank of Canada: The Implications of Globalization for the Economy and Public Policy

HSBC – The World’s Local Bank – their old slogan – do a YouTube search; they also have a new campaign which can be seen in the pages of The Economist. See their recent taxi ad.

CBC-Fifth Estate – Alang, India – 2005

Ship Recycling Industries Association (India) – waste management – interesting facts

Globalization and the Black Market Organ Trade (article)

Blackmarket trade in organs (National Public Radio) – 2007 (5 minute-long radio broadcast)

PBS-Frontline-India: A Pound of Flesh – 2006 (10 minute-long video on sales of kidneys)

National Geographic Earth Pulse (an incredible series of maps showing standards of living across the world)

Globalization facts on unequal distribution of benefits: Unequal_distrubution_benefits_facts

Naomi Klein – No Logo: Brands, Globalization and Resistance (YouTube, 3:04)

Article on global English: Article_Global_English

Energy Consumption Slides: Energy_Consumption_slides

Income Inequality (

World’s Top 175 Economic Entities (D. Steven White)

Stealing Africa (documentary that aired during TVO’s “Why Poverty” series. About a multinational company that mines for copper in Uganda and how the profits flow more to the company than the country.)

Disruption of globalization?  The Blockchain Revolution

What is Blockchain?


Globalization Means Less Inequality Worldwide (Vancouver Sun blog)

Bank of Canada Calls for Control of Free Markets, Less Income Disparity (Winnipeg Free Press)

A Look At the Global One Percent (Wall Street Journal)

The Income Inequality Debate (Council on Foreign Relations) – American but includes reference to OECD data that includes Canada

 Development Issues Related to Globalization

Review of White Water, Black Gold, a film about the environmental impact of the Alberta oil sands (Winnipeg Free Press)

Pembina Institute: Clearing the Air on Oilsands Myths (PPT slides)

CBC The Nature of Things: The Real Avatar (Peruvian Amazon indigenous peoples vs. oil industry)

Ivanhoe Mines: Oyu Tolgoi

Environmental Effects of Oyu Tolgoi (Toronto Star)

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