Chapter 1 (Intro to Social Sciences)

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Chapter 1 quiz on Thurs. Sep. 15. Quiz focuses on key concepts (bolded words in text) but it is NOT a vocabulary quiz. You must know the details surrounding key concepts, examples of them, how key concepts connect to examples and case studies, etc.

Hints about taking notes: 

  • write in point-form
  • don’t copy every word – select key ideas and give examples of them
  • record definitions of key concepts
  • use headings (come up with your own)
  • indent (chunk material)
  • highlight or use colours


Observation Assignment: hints for writing a research question

This is the big question that will answer something about human behaviour or culture. If you were observing people at a sports stadium, your big question would NOT be “how many people cheer for their home team?” It might be “how aggressive do home team fans become toward opposing team fans?” You might observe for:

  • verbal taunts
  • unfriendly looks
  • lack of eye contact
  • physical confrontations
  • other

If I chose to observe distracted driving, I would situate myself at an intersection and watch drivers for an hour or so. I might want to repeat at another intersection and at another time of day and/or day of the week. On my checklist I would anticipate: texting while driving, speaking on phone while driving, checking phone at red light/stop sign, talking to passenger, paying attention to traffic, eating, putting on makeup, drinking …

Chapter Homework:

HSB_Chapter_1__Sept_2014_use (chapter PPT)


Wed. Sep. 7:

  • take notes on pages 4-8 (including case study)
  • do questions 1 to 4 on 8

Thu. Sep. 8:

  • take notes on pages 9-10 (no purple case study)
  • define ethnography
  • bring your “idea” for your observation (we will write research questions and design observation checklists in-class tomorrow)

Fri. Sep. 9. :

  • finish at least half of chart on schools of thought in anthropology using pages 12-14 (see chapter 1 ppt)
  • work on Observation Assignment HSB4M_Social_Science_Observation (email Mr. C if you haven’t shown him your research question)

Mon. Sep. 12:

  • take notes on pages 18-21 in texbook (psychology)
  • continue Observation assignment as needed

Tues. Sep. 13:

  • take notes on pages 22-24 (deviance).
  • work on Observation Assignment
  • make sure you go back and finish reading “Some important psychologists” handout in package: label whether each psychologist is clinical, experimental or developmental; highlight key words for each psychologist.

Wed. Sep. 14:

  • complete sociology schools of thought chart in your handout package using pages 26-31.
  • study for quiz.
  • Observation Assignment will be due on Friday at the latest. We will discuss the written portion after the quiz.
  • Observation_Field_Research_Sample_Write-up (TIPS)

HSB_Chapter_1__Sept_2014_use (chapter PPT)


APS_Key_Concepts_Activity_Printer_friendly_version (definitions)

BBC: Polar bears get the better of spy cameras

Intro to Anthro Presentation (read this if you didn’t take grade 11 APS)

MITTechTV: Doing Anthropology

Online Colleges: 20 Incredible TED Talks for Anthropology Students (see #13 on modern slavery)

YouTube: Bollywood Flash Mob in Anthropology Class

Anthro schools of thought matching (answers from in-class activity)

University of Manitoba: Kinship and Social Organization – an Interactive Tutorial

Eggi’s Village – a matriarchal society

Intro to Soc Presentation (read this if you didn’t take grade 11 APS)

Wade Davis – ethnographic research (Ted Talks video)

Wade Davis – National Geographic profile

Free money nobody wanted – Toronto Star article

Case: Distracted Driving

Case: Freakonomics the Grades Experiment

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