Middle Ages Pageant Tips

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We will be in the library from Thurs. Dec. 12 to Mon. Dec. 16.

All notes are due on Mon. Dec. 16, 2019

Posters and paragraphs-speeches are due on Tues. Dec. 17.





CHW3M_Middle_Ages_Speech_Outline (use this to help you plan out your paragraph-speech)

Here are some tips for creating your 2- minute speech-paragraph:

Main argument = topic sentence: The contest you want to win + the main argument why

Ms. G’s TS example from just after the Middle Ages: 

I, Martin Luther, should be voted Mr. Change because I introduced a new religion, Protestantism, to western Europe, that gave people more of an individual relationship with God – something they sadly never had under the rule of the corrupt Roman Catholic Church.

Proofs and Arguments:

3 detailed examples to support the topic sentence, followed by three persuasive, well-explained arguments. Persuasive language is bolded.

Ms. G’s Examples and Arguments:

  1. By writing my 95 Theses, my complaints against the Catholic Church, in 1517 and posting them on the church door in Wittenburg, Germany, I made it clear that the Catholic Church’s practice of using indulgences to let people into heaven was corrupt. You see, the Catholic Church had been allowing people to pay a fee for a certificate that allowed their sins to be burned off in purgatory so that they could get to heaven – the destination we all desire. This absolutely proves that I am Mr. Change because I wanted to put a stop to a practice that the Church had been corruptly engaging in ever since the printing press sped up the process of creating those infernal certificates.
  2. My next proof of why I should win Mr. Change relates to being excommunicated from (kicked out of) the Catholic Church by Pope Leo X in 1521. He said I was a heretic, and that by not recanting (taking back what I said in my 95 complaints – especially the part about the Pope having no power), I showed that I cared more about religion than officialdom of the Church. I say that is exactly right – I am Mr. Change because I stood up to this corrupt and entrenched bureaucracy and was willing to take a huge punishment for it. In  fact, I am so much an agent of change that I don’t even care about being excommunicated. My courageous stance against power is most crucial here.
  3. Lastly, I argue that by translating the Bible into German, the language of people in Germany, I enabled people to understand Christianity for themselves, without having to rely on the Catholic Church officials to translate for them. This is a massive change for the ordinary people who up until now have been left out of understanding God’s true message because it has been written in Latin – an unreachable language for most. This change enables ordinary people to avoid having to go through the Catholic Church in search of God. Now people can find God in the pages of the Bible themselves. This entirely new practice once again confirms me as the absolute best candidate for Mr. Change.

End with sharp CS.


Language and Style:

First person: In role.

Boastful: Use adjectives and adverbs to help you be very descriptive. Don’t state – explain! Choose your words carefully.

Examples: For continuity you might defend the Catholic Church as dominant or all-powerful. For change, you might describe the Catholic Church as overbearing and rule-bound.

Think of your audience: make them understand that your influence was profound,  deep and meaningful (basically that you were significant without saying that word)!


Choose an image – preferably a primary source – that reflects your person and your contest (continuity or change). A picture for decoration will not suffice. Make sure to cite the source of the image. Don’t forget to include your name on the poster, too.


Websites for Islamic Characters:

BBC Bitesize, The Islamic World in the Middle Ages, 2014, http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/ks3/history/the_wider_world/medieval_islamic_world/revision/1/

1001 inventions


Science and Islam with Jim Al-Khalili

Museum of the History of Science, Science and Technology in Medieval Islam , N.d., http://www.mhs.ox.ac.uk/scienceislam_education/docs/Science_and_technology_in_Medieval_Islam-Teachers_notes.pdf



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