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Step 2 – Library

Assignment: Rubric for CHW3M CCA Step 2

Note-taking Template: CCA_Step2_Note-Taking_Template__for_timeline_2019

Sample by Ms. G on Roman Expansion during the Republic: CHW3M_Timeline-with-Attitude_Sample

Checklist (to make sure you have everything):CHW3M_CCA_Step2_Checklist


It is now time to move to the next step of the CCA process: the timeline with attitude. Timeline, as in showing order of events. Attitude, as in showing progress and decline (guideposts of continuity and change).

You will first have to do some more research in order to describe 5 events.  Please use the new note-taking template. If you’re using information from your previous CCA notes, please highlight what you use. Ms. G suggests that some of you need more detailed research in order to do this step. Many of you have very general step 1 notes that will not help you very much.

You will need to use citations so please keep track of where your information comes from. That means exact page numbers, not ranges. For instance, if I write down that Roman troops lost a major battle to the Germanic tribes in 9 BCE, I must also write that the information came from page 275 of my source. Not 270-275.

If you are having trouble finding events attached to specific dates, you may use date ranges. Or, you may do developments and trace them back to a certain origin date.

Ms. G made a  sample for you on Word. Be sure to consult it. Ms. G will show you some samples in class.

Due date: hand in timeline and notes by Wed. Nov. 27.

For internet sites, CRAAP tests are due as well. CHW3M_CRAAP_Test_2017-18

Online sources:

  • don’t forget the History Reference Centre (EBSCO). This can be accessed from the YM library databases page.
  • also don’t forget Britannica online, also available from library databases page above.
  • Home log-in is usually Trillium (see passwords in your agenda).

Criteria for success on the research:

  1. I need 5 events.
  2. I need a theme or glue that holds the 5 events together. Random events won’t help you.
  3. I need details about the 5 events (usually these will make up 1-2 of the 4 sentences per event).
  4. I need to be able to see the events from different perspectives (views).
  5. I need to place the five events on the correct location on the scale that I have created and labeled.

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