Week of Sept. 17

By , September 14, 2018 4:34 pm

We hope you are getting into the routine of school again!

Mon. Sept. 17: Log Sheet for the Week

GLS10_Log_Sheet (week of Sept. 17)

Don’t forget to fill it in every day! It will count for marks this week.

Some students finished up Habits and Goals worksheet, some studied for math or science tests.

Interviews continue with Ms. Gluskin in guidance. Please remember to bring your placemat, rubric and questionnaires.


Tues. Sept. 18: Growth Mindset

Some students will continue to study for tests. Some may begin Part 1 of the Growth Mindset worksheet. Please only do one part at a time – do not go ahead.


Growth mindset is what you learned about in the brain session at the Academic Orientation last week or the first Friday of school.

Growth mindset will be the foundation of the culminating activity in this class. So learn it well! Apply it (use it) every day!


Wed. Sept. 19: Growth Mindset con’t

You had the opportunity to make some corrections based on Ms. G’s feedback on part 1.

Opportunity for independent work.


Thurs. Sept. 20Growth Mindset con’t

Ms. Pandurevic asked you to move on to parts 2 and 3.

Opportunity for independent work.


Fri. Sept. 21: Growth Mindset con’t

Students are continuing work on parts 2 and 3 of Growth Mindset.

It is Friday and log sheets will be collected and marked.

Opportunity for independent work.


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