Week of Nov. 26

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Monday Nov. 26: 


Today we tried to have a discussion about what semestered courses are like in the busy months of December and January. It was too noisy and chaotic for most people to get much out of the discussion, unfortunately.

70% of your course mark comes from the tests / quizzes / assignments that you do.

30% of your course mark comes from the exam and/or project near the end of the course. We call this your summative or culminating activity.

  • Some courses have a combination of culminating and exam.
  • Some have one or the other. GLS, for instance, does not have an exam. It has a culminating activity worth 30%.
  • Some exams will be during the exam schedule. Some exams will be given in class, usually the week before the exam schedule. You will probably get a copy of the exam schedule in December.
  • Exams and culminatings are not the same as other tests/quizzes and projects. You cannot just miss them. Or you will get ZERO.

After this, students were to complete:


Then there was independent work time.


Tuesday Nov. 27: 

Literacy: Writing Strategies – paragraph structure

Using a strategy and following a structure are two very important tips for writing.

Strategy = BOPEAP

Brainstorm = always brainstorm before you write

Organize = outline before you write (hamburger/sandwich)

P = point (idea)

E = example (detail)

A = argument (how does the detail prove the TS)

P = proofread before handing in

GLS_Literacy_Paragraph_Outline_Template GLS_Paragraph_Structure


Wed. Nov. 28:

Paragraph continued and introduction of transitions. Everyone got a transition words bookmark – this could be very useful to you in the future. Keep it with you.

Added transition words to the work-life balance paragraph.


Thurs. Nov. 29: 

Mental Health Awareness Assembly

Transitions – fill in first two pages of the handout package.


Fri. Nov. 30: 

This website has a comprehensive list of transition words.

Worksheets to be finished and handed in.

Independent work.

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