Week of Dec. 3

By , December 3, 2018 8:06 am

Welcome to December!

Mon. Dec. 3: 



Career Cruising link:  The user name is Toronto and the password is 41460.

Today students were asked to identify two potential careers they’re interested in. Some students did the research well.


Tues. Dec. 4: 

Course selection assignment continued. Today students were to pick two university programs and two college programs that would lead to one or both of their potential careers. They also had to identify the courses they’d be required to take in grade 12 in order to qualify for these programs.

For university programs we used this website about Ontario universities: http://www.electronicinfo.ca/

  • search the site by clicking on programs on the upper menu and then selecting the program area.

For college programs we used this website about Ontario college programs: https://www.ontariocolleges.ca/en

  • search the site by clicking on programs, then select the program area. Scroll down and you’ll find a listing of specific college programs. For the ones you want, click their website and then look for “admission requirements” on the school’s own website. Be sure you choose only post-secondary programs. Colleges also offer post-university programs. You will not qualify for these.


Wed. Dec. 5: 

Course selection continued. Today we will focus on graduation requirements and choosing the courses you’d need in order to get into the programs you identified.


Thurs. Dec. 6: 

Course selection assignment was to be finished and handed in.

Please note: we will be starting the course culminating activity soon. It is worth 30% of your mark so you will need to use a lot more focus than usual to get it done.

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