Week of Dec. 10

By , December 10, 2018 12:12 pm

Culminating Activity will start on Tuesday. Please be focused, quiet and willing to listen!


Mon. Dec. 10: 


Today we handed back some previous work and asked students to file it in their binders.

We spent a lot of time getting students to organize their binders into two sections: one for weekly log sheets, one for worksheets. They need to be in order. Some students used this time wisely, others did not.


Tues. Dec. 11:

We introduced the culminating activity. See Growth Mindset page.

You may choose what you want to start with, but please don’t start with the knowledge section first.

Students who still owe worksheets (listed on the board), please get this in ASAP for marking.


Wed. Dec. 12: 

Culminating activity, continued.


Thurs. Dec. 13: 

Culminating activity, continued.


Fri. Dec. 14: 

Culminating activity, continued.

Hand your log sheet in. It’s Friday.

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