Growth Mindset in Action (CCA Portfolio)

By , November 19, 2018 8:30 pm

GLS10 Course Culminating Activity:  Growth Mindset In Action – Portfolio

To be introduced in class on Tues. Dec. 11. To be finished before going away for the winter break (Fri. Dec. 21).


GLS10_CCA_Reflection_Sheet (we will provide copies in class)

GLS10_CCA_Connection_Sheet (we will provide copies in class)

GLS10 CCA Brainstorming Sheet for Employability Paragraph


Employability article:

We will also provide a work-back calendar and some tips for how to prepare one.

Everything will be handed in in your binder. Your binder is your portfolio.

Please do not disturb the learning of other students in class. Some students take this class seriously and want to do well. It is not fair if they have to work in a noisy, chaotic environment.

Here are some resources that may help you understand the growth mindset better.

Find out your own mindset by taking this survey :

note: you do have to submit your email in order to get results. You do not have to share other personal information.


This diagram should remind students that neurons (nerve cells in our brains) make connections as we learn new things.


Learning Rewires the Brain (Science News for Students)

This article summarizes how learning increases neural connections in our brains.

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