Two Gatherings

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Two Gatherings Tips

You will do two of each of the following:

  1. Intro

= context, background

  • what was going on at the time
  • your person’s situation (not just a bio – must include a look at society)
  • answer W questions about the person and society at the time
  • your choice of in-role or not but it’s probably better NOT to be in role for this section
  • since this comes partially through research, cite your sources in embedded citations (Author, Title of page, url)

2. Resolution (your main problem, biggest need)

= “I submit to this conference that…”

  • your greatest need regarding intercultural relations
  • your main argument
  • you will support it in part 3
  • must be written in-role as your person
  • will not require citations

3. Reasons/Explanations

= your person’s reasons for their problems

  • explained
  • detailed, precise
  • incorporate at least one PSD quotation (you’re encouraged to use more if you can)
  • incorporate your perspective (powerless or powerful)
  • you don’t need to focus on solutions but you may incorporate them if you wish (based on history here, not wild wishes)
  • since you have to research, cite your sources in embedded citations (Author, Title of page, url)
  • write in-role (can be more persuasive in-role)


Powerful: power, agency, authority, hierarchy/position, dominant, control, stability, influence

  • you may have problems but you have some ability to use the levers of power to help yourself

Non-powerful: obedience, struggle, oppression, justice, fairness, value, weakness, inferiority, ignored, left out, isolation, fear,

  • you lack power and influence and this frustrates you – you may even feel the people with power are misusing it

*Don’t be presentist and use claims like the desire for equality


Historical Thinking Concepts

Use the vocabulary of continuity and change, causes and consequences (intended and unintended), historical perspectives (progress/decline).

It is to your advantage to bold words that relate to HTC. It helps the teacher a lot!

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