Annotated Maps of Influence

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if anyone copies this wording (or its ideas) they will get ZERO for plagiarism!

Due Friday March 1


Start by  choosing the two relationships you want to explain. You will make a separate map for each relationship. Your choices are from: Japan and Portugal, Spain and the Aztecs, and Kongo and Portugal.

Next, select the primary source excerpts you want for each relationship (in total you will end up with 4 quotes). Carefully select a quote that represents that society’s perspective on the relationship. (i.e., the Japanese had a very different perspective on the effect of the Portuguese on Japan than did the Portuguese). Use only PSDs we used in class.*


*For Japan, there are only PSDs from the Japanese perspective. You can infer the European response if you choose to use Japan. The quotes do not count as part of the 100 words. Label the title of the quote in brackets (that will be your in-text citation in Gluskin-style).

Next, write the annotations (4).  You have 100 words to write your explanation of each society’s perspective on the relationship. I will count the words so please be careful with this. Chose your words carefully, and be SHARP! To check word limit, type on Word first and then insert in My Maps or whatever tool or paper you’re using.

Lastly, create the lines and the legend that describes them.  You have four lines for each relationship: influence of A on B, influence of B on A, degree of cooperation, degree of conflict. You may have 100 words each to describe each line. Show creativity by designing your lines: colour, width, symbols, dashed or broken lines. You can even use symbols to represent the countries. For example, someone used a “do not enter” sign to represent Japan.


  • you may use Google My Maps (suggested)
  • you may draw maps by hand
  • PPT is not preferred but it is “legal”

Always read the rubric to see what you’re being marked on AND how you’re being marked. For instance, under communication you’re being marked for use of HTC vocabulary. Please consult the HTC page and your HTC pages at the beginning of the unit 1 handout package.

There are success criteria on the back of the rubric.

Please feel free to ask questions. Ms. G will also share some past student samples with you.


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