CCA Step 4 (Thesis Conference)

By , November 26, 2012 8:00 am

Thesis Conference

Sign up in class. Attend the meeting on your assigned day and time in room 145. Starting Mon. May 13.

Bring this sheet filled in: CHY4U_Essay_Thesis_Conference_2018-19



MsG_Sample_CHY4U_Step4_Thesis_Worksheet_2017-18 (Ms G’s Boko Haram sample – 2017)

Ms. G_Step4__Thesis_Conf_April_2019

Ms. G’s Yemen sample – 2019


Ms. Gluskin’s sample thesis:

format = main argument + sub-topics described (HTC patterns)

China’s current and and potentially destabilizing gap between rich and poor reflects both continuities and changes from its past; it is a continuity from its more recent past under the not so egalitarian Communist rule, and it is somewhat similar to the Qing dynasty, the time when those inequalities began to surface in a problematic way.

  • YES – it will be long. One sentence with a semi-colon.
  • It must have HTCs in it directly. Your choice of what to focus on – continuity & change and/or causes & consequences.
  • You do not need to include all of your sub-topics.


You’ll also need to have an idea of your sub-topics. Once you have them, highlight them in different colours (on your notes). This will help you organize yourself, sorting out what goes where.

Hints on sub-topics

Ms. G’s 2019 sub-topics are chronological (plus internal/external). The sub-topics in her 2017 sample are thematic: 

In total you need 12 examples, only 4 of which can be about the current issue.

  1. Current Issue Overview (4 examples maximum but 3 preferred) – MUST be your first sub-topic.

2. Qing Dynasty Roots of Inequality – 1600s to 1912

3. Communist Era Failings Regarding Equality – 1949 – 1980s

4. Direct Triggers for Today’s Inequality (but not most recent) – 1980s and 1990s


Next Steps After Your Conference:

  • If you are asked to revise your thesis statement, do so ASAP, either by email or in person.
  • Hopefully you have finished researching so you can start your outline.
  • It will take a while so START! Outline is due Fri. May 24 (a non-negotiable date).

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